Deputy recovering after chemical exposure

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A Lamar County deputy is recovering after coming in contact with a chemical while service a search warrant, according to officials.

The incident occurred Friday morning on Aldora Street. As deputies approached the house, they heard what sounded to them like gunfire or an explosion.

The two people inside are in custody, and are booked at the Lamar County Jail.

All of this started at 8:15 this morning, with an anonymous tip telling the Sheriff's Office that a wanted man was living in the county.

That tip led police to a home on Aldora Street. The tipster told the sheriff Tony Abernathy lived in the home, and that he had warrants out of Houston County. The sheriff's office decided to pay Abernathy a visit.

"While we were attempting to serve warrants, there was a loud noise that came from the home.. sounded like a muffled gun shot, possibly a small explosion. then there was a white filmy type smoke," said an official who was on the scene.

Deputies backed off and formed a perimeter around the home. They told Abernathy to come out, and five minutes later he did. That's when deputies entered the home.

"Once they entered the home there was some sort of chemical floating in the air through the ventilation," said the official.

A short time later, Sgt. Jerry Meadows, started coughing

"Then it got more extreme, like he couldn't catch his breath," the official said.

Firefighters decontaminated Meadows, and EMT's took him the hospital where he's was treated and released. Inside the home, deputies didn't find drugs, but they tell us they found chemicals inside the home, that are used to make meth.

Crews also decontaminated Abernathy, and his wife before transporting them to the Lamar County Jail, on the Houston County charges.

Abernathy's wife, also had outstanding warrants on similar charges from Houston County. Deputies did not file any drug charges against the couple.

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