Deputies: Pregnant lookout, gunman arrested for Waffle House robbery

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Deputies said they have caught the pregnant woman and the gunman who robbed a Waffle House back in July.

Coweta County Sheriff's investigator said Breanna Sherice Noble was the pregnant lookout and getaway driver during a robbery on June 24, around 6 a.m., at the Waffle House on Highway 154. Deputies said Noble entered the restaurant to use the bathroom and left just minutes for a disguised armed robber stormed into the establishment.

Investigators identified Jonatvious Marquez Darden as the man holding the gun while wearing a winter jacket and pajama pants in the surveillance video.

Deputies said Noble parked her car, a white sedan far from the door when there was a space available up front. It just so happened the robber jumped into a white sedan to make his getaway.

Waffle House Restaurants have been targeted before by armed robbers. Robberies have emptied the cash drawer and the employees’ pockets.

Coweta County authorities credit the DeKalb County Police Department with the break in this case leading to the arrests.

Both Nobel and Darden are accused of multiple armed robberies around metro Atlanta.

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