Deputies arrest trio for selling machine gun parts illegally

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and the ATF arrested the three people and confiscated what they say was a machine gun part to make fully automatic weapons as well as drugs and cash.

Dash camera video from the sheriff’s office shows a deputy attempting to pull over a car that was part of the investigation.  The sheriff’s office says instead of pulling over, the car continued driving and traveled all the way to a home here where the people lived.

The encounter was captured on video in the player above. Watch what happens in the driveway. They say the passenger jumps out and has his at his waistband of his pants. A very dangerous situation they say because it made them think he was armed.

That potential threat they say brought out the big guns as you can see in the video.

Eventually, the people gave up.  Here’s what deputies say caused the investigation to start with. The suspects had what are called switches. These are apparently illegal devices that change a semi-automatic handgun into a fully automatic one.

Deputies say they also seized a fully automatic machine gun, 151 oxycodone pills, scales and $17,000 in cash.

Under arrest is Tyanna Dobbs, Tyecus Caldwell and Jayden Gaddy. All three are charged with possession of a machine gun, drug charges.  The two men also charged with theft by receiving stolen property.

The sheriff’s office says the three were allegedly selling the switches.  And they have a warning to anyone who purchased one or has one from somewhere else.