Dekalb County Police catch dangerous sexual predator

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After searching for a dangerous sexual predator, DeKalb County Police have made an arrest.  47-year-old Jerome Paige attacked women twice in public in the area around Candler Road and MacAfee Road, according to police. 

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“With his attacks, he’s very brazen. He doesn’t care if he gets caught,” said Detective Cantrell of the DeKalb County Police Department’s Commercial Robbery Unit.

Police released surveillance of Paige during a March 11 robbery at the Little Caesar’s pizza shop, and said he held up the cashier at knife point, demanded money multiple times, and then physically forced himself on the worker.

“When he produced a knife... he held it at her throat, kept telling her to be quiet. She was begging and pleading for him not to do it. She had two children,” Cantrell said.

Police said Paige's latest attack was Tuesday night, as a man and woman walked from the same area around the shopping center to MacAfee Road. Police said he ambushed the couple, told them he had a gun, and then forced the woman into the bushes; police said he fondled the woman and exposed himself to her. The boyfriend intervened by beating Paige with a rake.

Officers saw Paige's Ford Explorer driving around a shopping center in the area of the two attacks and pulled it over. Once they pulled him in for questioning, the victims IDed Paige as the attacker. He was charged Thursday morning. 

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