Visitors come face-to-face with dinosaurs at Alpharetta's Dino Safari

A lot of kids dream of waking up on Christmas morning to find dinosaur toys under the tree. And sure, a model T. Rex or a stuffed Raptor is pretty awesome. 

But what if the holidays brought more than 40 full-sized dinosaurs to life, dropping them all under one roof for a day of prehistoric adventure and education?

Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome, too.

This morning, Good Day Atlanta spent the morning at "Dino Safari: A Walk Through Adventure," which opened at North Point Mall in Alpharetta in November. Produced by Imagine Exhibitions (the same company behind the popular "Downtown Abbey: The Exhibition," previously featured on Good Day Atlanta), the limited-time experience allows visitors to stroll back in time, coming face-to-face (or, face-to-teeth!) with full-scale animatronic dinosaurs, which CEO Tom Zaller says were created with the input of paleontologist Dr. Gregory M. Erickson to ensure scientific accuracy. Along with the giant dinosaurs, the safari also features actual fossils, interactive games, and a dig pit.

Staffers say visitors should allow at least an hour for their visit; ticket prices start at $15 and are available online by clicking here. North Point Mall is located at 1000 North Point Circle in Alpharetta.

So, ready to visit a time in which dinosaurs roamed the earth? Then what are you waiting for? Click the video player in this article to check it out!