Sketch of Decatur sexual battery suspect, accused of 'grabbing' woman inappropriately release

Decatur police are looking for the suspect who assaulted a woman last Friday.

It happened on Oakview Road near Fifth Avenue in Oakhurst.

According to police, the man approached the woman from behind and reached around, grabbing her inappropriately.

"It makes me nervous to walk around by myself especially in the evening, especially if there's no people around," one woman, who asked to not be identified, explained.

FOX 5 News spoke with the victim by phone Monday afternoon.

She said she's doing okay but is still shaken and angry about what happened Friday night.

She said she was outside of a friend's house, getting something from her car when she was attacked.

She said the man ran off after she pushed him away.

"It’s very concerning and very concerned for the woman it happened to," Jeff Collins-Smythe explained during a jog in the area. "We're just, you know, just feel terrible for her."

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The man in the sketch is described as approximately 5-feet-10-inches tall, in his late teens or early twenties. Police said he was wearing a gray hoodie and black pants with a red and white stripe down the side. He also didn't have on shoes.

"Hopefully, it's an isolated situation. But I'll definitely be cautious," a neighbor explained.

The victim said she is more aware of her surroundings following the attack.

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