Day after negative test, Atlanta woman tests positive for COVID-19

One day after an Atlanta woman's COVID-19 test came back negative, she was admitted to the hospital and tested positive for the virus.

"I find it unacceptable," Portia Quarterman said.

Her mother, Tijuana Green, is diabetic and has congestive heart failure.

Both are conditions said to make a coronavirus fight all the more difficult, so when she started to cough and show other symptoms of the virus, she went to the doctor.

"She never left the house for anything so I'm trying to figure out how she got it," Quarterman said.

Green's doctor suggested she get tested at the Fulton County Airport in mid-April.

Her results came back negative the 25th.

"The next day, we had to call an ambulance and a nurse told me they did a blood test and she does, indeed, have the coronavirus," Quarterman said.

Doctors from the department of public health say a negative coronavirus test is just a snapshot in time and shouldn’t be viewed as an “all clear” by any means. 

Dr. Sandra Ford, with the department of health, says testing is not a substitute for social distancing, washing your hands, or taking adequate safety measures.

"A test does not indicate anything other than the fact that you were negative on the day it was taken," she said.

The CDC still says you are safest at home.