Dad banned from daughter's school in Fairfax County after seeking answers about bullying

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A Fairfax County father says he’s been banned from going to his daughter’s school after he tried to get answers about her being bullied. He says the problem has been going on for years and most recently it sent the young girl to the hospital.

Lumahn Brown says his fears began two years ago when his daughter was in the second grade at Lane Elementary School in Alexandria. The now nine-year-old has juvenile idiopathic arthritis, 
which makes it hard to keep up with other kids her age.

“She limps, it’s very difficult for her to be mobile. She has someone writing for her in class now,” said Brown. 

Brown says his daughter suddenly became a target of a bully and was choked by a boy in her class. 

As a solution, the school separated them for third grade, but Brown says the bullying continued. 

At recess two weeks ago, Brown says the boy came after his daughter with a stick and choked her again, sending her to the hospital.

“From what she explained to me, she walked away and he came from behind and put all his weight on her, like this from the back…all his weight, and left an abrasion on her neck,” said Brown.

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Brown says when he came to school staff with his concerns, the conversation got heated and Tuesday he received a letter from the assistant superintendent saying he is no longer allowed on school property.

“She’s dealing with the bully still, right now, she is still scared of this guy. Obviously, she’s been running from this guy for years, and this is your answer to it?” said Brown. “So if I go pick her up, then I’m trespassing and I’m going to be prosecuted… and I’m okay with that. I’m going to pick my daughter up, they are not going to hold my daughter hostage from me.” 

On Tuesday afternoon, FOX 5 cameras were rolling when Brown pulled into the school parking lot to take his daughter on their daily drive home. No incidents occurred at this time. 

Fairfax County Public Schools officials released the following statement to FOX 5: