Customer reportedly threatens to kill Pizza Hut manager over lack of pepperoni on pizza

A Pizza Hut customer was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill the manager over lack of pepperoni on his pizza, according to reports.

Officers in Cleveland Heights responded May 9 to a “disturbance” at the local pizza chain, according to a police report.

An angry customer, who ordered online, drove to the nearby Pizza Hut after his pizza arrived without pepperoni, according to Fox News.

The man, 31, then stated that he would "come around the counter and kill" the manager, but he didn’t want to be charged with robbery, according to the website.

The customer left the store and appeared to take something out of his car before coming back to stand in the doorway of Pizza Hut for about 10 seconds, holding the item in his pocket, Fox News reported.

He then took off, but flashed a "black handgun in the air" on the way back to his vehicle, according to Fox News, citing police.

Because the customer used his name and address in the online order, police were able to track down the suspect.

This, combined with the restaurant's security footage, helped authorities identify him with "100 percent certainty," and he was arrested on a menacing charge, Fox News reported.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.