CPSC recalls 350,000 Ring doorbells

A popular smart doorbell is being recalled. The government reports they can catch fire.

The Ring doorbell is an easy-to-install feature that so many of us have now. But the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall on 350,000 of the devices. 

What happens is the batteries can overheat and catch fire if the wrong screws are used  in installation. According to the CPSC, there have been fires, burns and property damage. There are also eight reports of minor burns to people. 

The affected device is the 2nd generation Ring sold at stores, through Amazon and on ring.com. The model number is 5UM5E5. Note the dates there: June 2020 to October 2020. These are more recent purchases. If you have this model number, go to Ring’s website for specific serial numbers to look out for. 

If you have a recalled model, the website will instruct you on how to remedy this: RING RECALL.