Coweta County gun range murders: Coroner, family discuss dealing with their loss

The Coweta County Coroner spoke publicly for the first time about the triple murder in Grantville last month that took the lives of his parents and his son.

It happened at the Lock, Stock & Barrel Shooting Range located at 514 Bohannon Road in Grantville on April 8. Investigators said they found the owner, 71-year-old Tommy Hawk, and his wife, Evelyn and their teenage grandson Luke dead.

Richard Hawk, the Coweta County Coroner, is the son of Tommy and Evelyn and the father of Luke. He spoke public about his loss and having to respond to the scene.

"Feels like your hearts imploded, just in pieces and to see the love and support we’ve gotten…it just takes one of those piece and it puts it back in place," said Richard Hawk, family member of the shooting. "Doesn’t make it right, but it puts it back in place."

Jacob Christian Muse, 21, of College Park

Jacob Christian Muse, 21, of College Park (Provided by Coweta County Sheriff's Office)

Jacob Christian Muse, 21, was arrested one week after the murders and charged with three counts of malice murders in the deaths of Tommy, Evelyn and Luke Hawk.

The Hawks owned the store and 18-year-old Luke was working there part-time. He had plans for college next year.

Richard Hawk was accompanied by his wife, Donna, and their daughter, Audrey. He had hugs and thanks for all the officers in the room who know him well. He talked a lot about his faith and prayers that have helped them get through this unimaginable tragedy. 

Tommy and Evelyn Hawk and their grandson Luke.

When asked about the tremendous outpouring of love and support the family has received has and what it meant to them, he talked about his family but also the families that he has dealt with over the years as a coroner.

"As a coroner, I have given a lot of things and told a lot of people out there that ‘I’m sorry for it and there’s going to be closure out there some day.’ I don’t think there is, that word will not be in my vocabulary no more," said Hawk.

Law enforcement also spoke at the news conference, but did not offer much more on the case and the ongoing investigation. The district attorney has said they plan to take the case to a grand jury soon.

"God will get his revenge in the end one way or another," Hawk said. "Vengeance is his, not ours."

The Hawk family said they are praying for Muse. They said they want justice, whatever the law allows. But they also said vengeance is in God’s hands, so they said they will leave that to him.