Couple owns gigantic Santa Claus collection

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Listen, you might like Santa. You might even love him, but chances are, you don't love Santa as hard as Mike and Marty Shaufele of Little Rock, Arkansas do.

Marty Shaufele gave her husband a Santa figurine for Christmas in 1982, and the couple have been collecting them ever since.

"It's sometimes hard to figure out what a man wants for Christmas, and I thought I need to buy him something he can collect," Marty said.

They now own around 400 Santas!

"We bought them all over the United States and then our friends, when they traveled, when they started knowing what we were doing with these, they would go and find them," Mike said.

The decorations go up every year, and it can take days to set up all the figurines.

The couple says the Santas bring happiness to their home.

There's one thing they always look at when picking Santas: the smile.

"They have to be happy, and we've been married for almost 48 years, and we're happy, and it's just something that we do together," Marty said. "We do a lot of things together, but this one has been really a lot of fun."