Couple accused of eating pot and worse during car chase

Brian Turner and Whitney Bailey mugshots

Two people were arrested in Carrollton after leading officers on a police chase in a stolen car. A passenger is accused of eating a bag of marijuana during the chase to get rid of the evidence. Police said the female driver hid pot in a body cavity during the chase that was later removed by hospital medical staff.

A Carrollton officer pulled over a Nissan sedan on Sunday night after the car was reported stolen. According to a police report, the owner said he loaned the car to 23-year-old Whitney Bailey and she refused to bring it back. Police said Bailey was behind the wheel and suddenly drove off leading officers on a wild police chase.

Bailey is accused of weaving into oncoming lanes and running stops signs during the pursuit that reached over 80 miles an hour on winding roads.

The chase ended when police boxed in the car and brought it to a stop.

Police said the 22-year-old passenger Brian Turner had marijuana on his clothes and in his mouth.

Police body camera

Police said Whitney Bailey was taken to the hospital where medical staff removed marijuana she had allegedly hidden in her body during the chase.

The two are in big trouble. The investigation revealed outstanding arrest warrants for Turner and Bailey. Both are also facing multiple charges for the chase.

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