Kennesaw councilman quits, businesswoman sells shop after controversial Civil War shop re-opens

A long time Civil War shop is stirring up major controversy in Kennesaw.

Community members packed a city council meeting on Monday night.

One councilman quit and a businesswoman put her building up for sale.

"I've got to resign. I can't do this anymore," said James "Doc" Eaton.

Kennesaw City Councilman Doc Eaton announced he was stepping down. He said he was frustrated and disappointed that the city approved a business license for Wildman's Civil War and Surplus. The shop is filled with Confederate memorabilia and controversy.

Among the relics, KKK materials and other items that many would consider racist. The store has been on Main Street in Kennesaw since 1971. Many thought when the owner, Dent Myers, died in January the store would be closed for good, but last week, a close friend of Myers' re-opened the shop.

The city said the new owner went through all the procedures and had no reason not to approve a business license.

"The city said they did everything legally, but they failed to address the moral issue," said Eaton.

A number of people stood up at Monday's council meeting, agreeing Wildman's has had a negative impact on the city.

"Nothing deters development and stifles property values in more than Wildman's," said Madelyn Orochena.

"It's a museum with hatred with inhumane items everywhere within its walls," said Patricia Hill.

Others said the owner has a right to be here.

"His walls are different, his displays are different, but it doesn't mean it's wrong," said Debra Williams.

"Whether you want Wildman's to stay or go is irrelevant, Wildman's has a right to be there," said Nicholas Tucker.

Eaton's daughter, who is a former council woman and business owner, said since Wildman's is staying, she's leaving.  She put her building on Main Street up for sale.

"I wish you the very best in your future endeavors with city, because I'm done," said Cris Eaton-Welsh.

Doc Eaton announced his plans to resign last week when the store re-opened, but waited until tonight's council meeting to officials resign, so he could make a statement and his reason for resigning would be on record.