Controversial video of Phoenix Police goes viral; Jay-Z offers family involved legal support

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - It's a controversial video people across the country are talking about - the incident that sparked a $10 million lawsuit. The video of Phoenix Police officers pulling their guns on a family during a confrontation over an alleged shoplifting incident has now gone viral.

Chief Williams with Phoenix PD released a video statement asking the public for patience as an internal investigation gets underway. The video shows officers with their guns drawn and yelling profanities at the couple who were with their young children. Police got a call that someone in the family had stolen a doll from a dollar store. The family says the officers used unnecessary force - they've filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city. 

Jay-Z's legal team is stepping in and providing legal support for the couple who are planning on filing that lawsuit. Team ROC is an organization that says it provides support to victims of racial injustice. They're asking for the officers in question to be fired.

It was a disturbing video of a family being stopped by Phoenix Police that caught the attention of the nation. Now, 22-time Grammy Award winner Jay-Z is stepping in. The hip-hop mogul has hired attorney Alex Spiro to join the family's legal team - pro-bono. They're planning the file child neglect complaints against the officers caught on camera. 

The video shows an officer pointing his gun at Iesha Harper and her 4-year-old daughter who had allegedly taken a doll from a Family Dollar on 32nd St. and McDowell. Police reports state that the family said they were scared to stop until they got to their apartment complex.

"The minute the video came to our attention, we began an internal investigation," __ said. "I can't go into the details and we want people to understand that we take allegations of misconduct very seriously."

In a statement, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego apologizes to the family and community, saying she's sick over what the video shows, calling it "completely inappropriate and clearly unprofessional. There is no situation in which this behavior is ever close to acceptable. AS a mother myself, seeing these children placed in such a terrifying situation is beyond upsetting."

Mayor Gallego also stated they're speeding up the process to implement the use of body cameras at every single precinct.

"They should have some, I thought they already had some," said one man who's seen the video. "I ask my family [that] when you see cops, just take your phone out because you never know what will happen."

The two officers involved have been taken off of street duty and are on non-enforcement duties. On officer on the force for 11 years - the other 23. 

Police say they want to conduct a thorough investigation. If you have any more video, you're asked to send it directly to the Phoenix Police Department.