Community steps in to help find hit and run driver in Kirkwood

Atlanta business owners and neighbors in Kirkwood are coming together to find a hit-and-run driver that left one woman in the hospital.

Police are still searching for the driver who hit Valerie and David Warren around 4:45 p.m. on June 29 on Hosea L. Williams Drive. David is now asking the community to look at their surveillance cameras in an effort to find out where that driver went.

"You can tell as he was driving by he was not in control of the vehicle," said William Hamlin, manager of Le Petit Marche. Hamlin was upset to hear the news of his regular customer getting badly hurt, so he quickly worked to pull up a video of the incident to get to Warren.

"I was very worried about her because I haven't seen her in a while," said Hamlin of Valerie Warren who spent many mornings eating breakfast at Le Petit Marche but hasn't been back since the accident.

 She's back home now, so David has made it his mission to find the driver who hit his wife.

Drivers right behind that black car followed it and told police it went down Clay Street. A week later, a neighbor David video of the same car speeding down that street--flying over a speed bump.

Police say they have the tag number, but they need a clearer picture of who the driver is to make an arrest.

"The further I can trace the car either before or after, it would be helpful," said Warren. "I think it's part of them proving the case of who it was not just whose car it is."

Warren has received hundreds of responses on social media from people trying to help.

"I saw his post on Facebook, and it really touches you when someone in the neighborhood has an issue like that," said neighbor Ken Morgan. "It's a big deal."

The community says it will not stop searching for this driver until they are found--to ensure they don't hit someone else.

"It's my wife," said Warren of why he's determined to find the driver. "It's my wife, it's my family, it's our community. It's as simple as that."

If you have surveillance video of a black car in the area of downtown Kirkwood from June 29 around 4:45 p.m., please contact the Atlanta Police Department.

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