Community mourns tragic loss of 5-year-old Kaden Jackson in DeKalb County accident

Bears, action figures, snacks, and toys are all the things 5-year-old Kaden Jackson would love. Those items are now part of a memorial created after a deadly incident. 

"We are hanging in here. His mom is just distraught," Kaden's aunt, Brenda Jackson, said.  

DeKalb County police say Kaden was hit by a vehicle at an apartment complex on Flat Shoals Road around 8:30 on Tuesday evening. 

"The baby, he swerved, and then I saw the car swerve, and hit him. I saw him go over and under the car," Starmajah Parker said.  

Parker says she was one of the many children outside when it happened. She says little Kaden was on a bike when he was hit.  

"I went to identify the baby, and I looked at him, and they uncovered the face to see him. He was messed up," Brenda Jackson said. 

Jackson says Kaden was sweet, kind, and playful, like a normal little boy. 

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DeKalb County police say 5-year-old Kaden Jackson was hit by a vehicle at an apartment complex on Flat Shoals Road on April 23, 2024. (FOX 5)

DeKalb County police say the driver stayed on scene, but many witnesses tell FOX 5 the driver left then came back. 

"Why didn't he stay? He left the scene and then came back. The family isn't going to stop until we get justice," Jackson said.  

FOX 5 asked investigators specific questions about whether the driver left and if he was working for the property. A spokesperson declined to comment, citing the open investigation.  

For those who lived and witnessed the incident, it's an image forever engraved into their minds.  

"To see a lifeless baby laying there. Even if it wasn't my nephew or someone else's child it hurt my heart," Jackson said.