College Park police sergeant describes being shot while pursuing a murder suspect

A College Park police sergeant is recovering after being shot while pursuing a murder suspect. The bullet hit his bulletproof vest, deflected and lodged in his neck.

Sgt. Charles Landrum was working saturday morning when a Flock licence plate reader got a hit on a stolen car connected to a homicide in Clayton County. Sgt. Landrum and other officers went after the driver.

"We had a couple of officers who would stop at an intersection to block it and he'd point guns at them," said Sgt. Landrum.

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The pursuit went through residential areas and dead end roads. Other jurisdictions jumped in. At one point, gunfire was exchanged.

"When he got out he raised his gun up to shoot him and when he did his magazine fell out, he reached down to pick it up and I believe that's when they shot a couple of times," said Sgt. Landrum.

The driver was hit in the arm, but jumped back in his car and kept going. He made it to East Point where he lost control of his vehicle.

"He crashed went off the road up into dirt, dirt is flying all over the place, he's up on 2 wheels, and started rolling perpendicular across the road so when I saw that I just t-boned him running about 50," said Sgt. Landrum.

Other officers took down the driver, 32-year-old Edward Lee Cherry, of Jacksonville, Florida. He was wanted for a murder in Clayton County the night before. In the midst of it all, with adrenalin still pumping, Sgt. Landrum realized he had been shot.

"I look over and saw the hole in the windshield and I said, he shot me," said Sgt. Landrum.

As he was being rushed to the hospital, he thought about how very blessed he is.

"I'm going to tell you, God just guided that bullet around everythign that mattered," said Sgt. Landrum.