Cobb County serial shoplifters busted with store basket in their car

Cobb County police say they captured a couple of serial shoplifters. Police say they went to a number of stores in less than two hours swiping clothes, beauty products and perfume. 

Police say their crime spree started on the afternoon of Feb. 22 at a Sally Beauty Supply where 25-year-old Ke'Asia Gist reportedly walked into the store, put a bunch of items in a basket, set the basket down and walked out. Moments later, police say Gist's partner in crime, 21-year-old Decarlo Shorter, walked in, picked up the basket and left without paying for any of the items.

Investigators say the two then moved across the street to Dick's Sporting Goods and stole hundreds of dollars in clothing. Then, they moved on to Ulta Beauty a few miles away where police say they took more than $1,000 in perfume.

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Sally Beauty Supply store sign


They moved fast, but investigators say by the time they hit the second store, officers were already on to them. 

"Officers were already in the area to respond to that store when they got notified there was a shoplifting going on at the other store," said Cobb County Police Sgt. Eric Smith.

Police had a description of their vehicle and spotted it in a parking lot, which led them to Gist and Shorter and a car full of stolen goods.

"Several items were recovered. One was even still in a shopping basket from the Sally Beauty store. That indicated it had just been taken out of the store," said Sgt. Smith.

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Decarlo Shorter (Credit: Cobb County Police Department)

Both Gist and Shorter were arrested and booked into the Cobb County Jail.  

Police say Shorter had experience pulling off thefts like this.

Court documents show just a few days earlier, he stole hundreds of dollars worth of candles from Bath and Body Works on Roswell Road.

Bath and Body Works store sign

According to the warrant, Shorter is "the suspect in several thefts from Bath and Body Works in multiple counties and currently out on bond for the same offense".

"Hopefully they've learned their lesson and won't do this again," said Sgt. Smith.