Cobb County resource center helping to those in domestic violence situations

Newly released numbers of domestic violence cases in Georgia have been released. FOX 5 News has been reporting for more than a month on the rise in domestic violence due to people staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cobb County domestic violence resource center liveSAFE Resources says calls for help continue to rise as many victims are at home, quarantining with their abusers.

Advocates say calls are up because of the stay at home order and will likely spike again as more restrictions are lifted allowing victims to more freely seek help.

"While the calls have increased, the number of arrests have decreased," Tracey Atwater with liveSAFE said.

"911 calls are down 20 percent," she explained. "But 16 percent are domestic violence-related."

That’s up from this time last year.

She says victims might make calls, but when the police arrive, they not feel comfortable reporting information to authorities while their abuser is home.

The coronavirus won’t stop the shelter’s work.

"We would never deny someone services based on the fact that they could be COVID-19 positive," she said.

Atwater says the shelter has a partnership with Cobb and Douglas public health that allows them to test employees and victims for the virus before they enter the shelters.

Every situation is different, so Atwater says it’s difficult to give blanket advice but there is a 24-7 call center victims are welcome to use when it’s safe to do so.

That number is: 770-427-3390.

"Make sure you clear your history and browser, so you don’t make matters worse," she said.

Atwater says you need to make sure your documents are in order before making a move.

Gather your birth certificates, titles, to cars, driver’s license etc., and don’t act without a plan.

The resource center can provide these resources because of donations. They ask anyone who can, to please donate by going to