Cobb County 15-year-old hit by car donates organs saving dozens

A Cobb County mom wants to make sure her son's wish comes true. 

Braden Davis died from injuries after he was hit by a car while walking to South Cobb High School late last month. 

The 15-year-old, who was an organ donor, is now helping others after his own death. 

On a cool Wednesday morning, FOX 5's Eric Perry met Emily Little standing in the place where she and her 15-year-old son spent a lot of time.

Emily Little

"I was listening to the birds and watching the tops of the trees sway," Little said.

Braden Davis was hit by a car late March near the intersection of Austell Road and Clay Road close to South Cobb High School. 

Davis died days later, but he still lives on as an organ donor.

Braden Davis (Photo submitted by family)

"Our family motto is: Do the next right thing," Little said.

Emily says he made the decision after the death of his grandmother.

This mom describes Braden as adventurous. He loved to hike, camp and enjoyed nature.

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Braden Davis (Photo submitted by family)

She believes her son will help at least 70 people.

"We went into the operating room when they did everything, and we talked to him until his heart stopped beating. We told him how much we loved him and how proud we were of him. We rubbed his face and held him tight and did everything that we could," Little said. "He donated [his] heart, kidneys, liver, lots of tissue, [and] bones. He gave sight to two different people."

Emily says in four to six weeks, the family will know more about who his organs helped and will have the option to write back and forth with the families.

"I will get how old they are, male or female, some of their interests and hobbies," Little said. 

As Braden helps others, his mom says those tough conversations about organ donation and wishes are needed, so you can advocate once they are gone.

"He was my miracle first, but I am glad that some good was done, and he can be your miracle now," Little said.

Braden would have turned 16 on Friday, April 5.

A GoFundMe has been created to assist his family.