Clayton County police complete distracted driving detail

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More than a year after Georgia's hands-free law went into effect, drivers still have not gotten the message.

Monday and Tuesday the Clayton County Police Department set up a distracted driving detail along Tara Boulevard and busted dozens of drivers using their phones behind the wheel.

"It's really, really unsafe for people to be on their phones," said Clayton Police Lt. Kathryn Thrift.

Lt. Thrift said people initially tried to follow the law, but have since fallen back into bad habits.

According to the Department of Transportation, Clayton County Police have investigated 6494 accidents resulting in 2179 injuries and 25 fatalities from January 1 to July 26 of this year.

"When you're trying to drive down the road you shouldn't have to worry about the person next to you on their cell phone and worry that they're going to crash into.  So, if it helps us make the streets safer for everybody, then I'm sure we will continue to do it," Lt. Thrift explained.

During the two-day operation, officers issued 70 citations and made one arrest for a suspended license.