Clayton County chairman former secretary makes first appearance on threat charges

The fired secretary of the Clayton County commission chairman says she feels betrayed by her old boss. The GBI filed warrants against Katrina Holloway for allegedly making false statements and filing a false police report.

The GBI says Holloway sent a threatening letter to chairman Turner but claimed it was from Former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, who retired after his federal conviction. Many sources say the two lawmen have been at odds for years.

Holloway says she is innocent and fells betrayed by her former boss.

"Why would I put a stamp on threatening letters to myself and to him, knowing that it can be traced back to me makes no sense? I am not stupid, I have a PhD," the 52-year-old said.

Clayton County Commissioner Felicia Franklin says she has been interviewed by the GBI and also claims she submitted evidence and emails that will show Chairman Turner was involved in the threatening letter.

"I believe that the chairman definitely, possibly, staged that threat letter himself," the commissioner revealed.

Chairman Turner has fired back, releasing a statement that reads:

"I vehemently deny the allegations being made by Dr. Holloway and a few fellow commission board members. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and then issued warrants as a result of their findings.

"I am a 23-year law enforcement veteran and now Chairman of Clayton County Board of Commissioners.  I take these matters seriously.  I would never intentionally do anything that would disgrace my name or standing in the community that I work, live, and play in. I do plan to pursue civil action against Dr. Holloway and anyone else who chooses to purposely lie on me or scandalize my name.

"I was made aware of the alleged charges involving Dr. Katrina Holloway, my assistant, by the GBI in reference to a report I filed with them about a letter I received that I believed was a personal threat against me in June of 2022.

"I was very disappointed and disturbed by what they reported to me as it related to their investigation.

"I want to make it clear that I DO NOT condone any such alleged nor illegal actions by any employee and no one is above the law.

"As a result, and in line with our civil services rules, I have taken what I deem as necessary and appropriate personnel action. Dr. Holloway is no longer an employee of Clayton County effective January 24, 2023.

"This matter is in the hands of the GBI and any further inquiries should be directed to them.

County officials implicate more people, but so far, no one has provided the agency any evidence of that.

Commissioner Franklin claims she fears for her own safety and has had people following her home for two years. She believes it is all tied to missing money and questionable spending in Clayton County.

"A question most recent was the use of $559,000 without any return on investment, also questioned was COVID relief funds and how they were being used," Ms. Franklin affirmed.

"There were not answers provided to our board and our board voted to have an audit and it was during that particular meeting when I asked for security for all of the board," she reported.

Clayton County District Attorney Tasha Mosley says she has recused herself from this case.

Meanwhile, the GBI describes its investigation as active and ongoing.