Clarkston Police investigate park shootout

Police in Clarkston say officers found a shot-up stolen car crashed inside Milam Park on Wednesday and are searching for those involved in a possible shootout.

Officers responded around 1 p.m. to the 3867 Norman Road after 911 callers reported shots fired in the area. Clarkston Police say the car was found by the pool fence, but no one was inside.

Several spent shell casings from various caliber weapons were located and taken into evidence, police say.

Witnesses tell police that five vehicles pulled into the parking lot of the park and soon after, gunfire erupted. Investigators say the stolen vehicle was attempting to flee the area when it wrecked. Three men jumped out, police say, and ran away.

The four other vehicles speed away from the scene, police say.

Investigators say the car which crash was stolen less than a week before and its plates were also stolen.

The three men who ran from the car were eventually taken into custody. One was armed with a gun, police say.

Clarkston officials say the cameras at the park were not working at the time.

"We regret that that the cameras were not functioning at this time. Our city takes public safety seriously and we have invested in a camera systems to help deter crime and assist with investigations. We are working towards replacing them as soon as possible to ensure the safety and security of the residents and visitors," said Clarkston City Manager Shawanna Qawiy.

Police say one of the four fleeing vehicles struck a parked car. Investigators say it had a temporary tag that was reported stolen a few days earlier.

The names of the three men have not been released.

There were not reports of injuries.

The case remains under investigation.