Clarkston daycare teachers recorded punching and pushing boy, police say

Clarkston police are actively investigating allegations that teachers shoved and slapped a boy at a local daycare.

Officials have confirmed with FOX 5 that they have an ongoing investigation in the Clarkston First Baptist Daycare on the 4000 block of Church Street.

According to the Clarkston Police Department's incident report, the investigation began on Wednesday when the boy's mother reported seeing abuse on the daycare's surveillance.

The victim's grandmother told police that on July 6, she went to pick up the victim and noticed he was "visibly upset" and "did not seem like himself."

When the grandmother asked to speak to a teacher, she said the teacher seemed upset and was worried that the teacher "was going to fight with her."

At home, the victim's mother said she saw bruises on his arm that weren't there when she dropped him off that morning.

The family spoke to the first lady of the church, who reportedly told them she looked at surveillance video and didn't see any "unacceptable." When they looked at it, however, the report says they saw two teachers push the victim down on the classroom mat, pull him off the ground by his hair, and slap and punch him multiple times.

A responding officer was not able to talk to the teachers allegedly involved but was able to watch the video and corroborated the family's story.

Investigators have not released the names of the teachers and no one has been arrested at this time.

This is the second day care in DeKalb County that's came under investigation this week. Wednesday, DeKalb County police say they are investigation child abuse allegations at the Appletree Learning Center & Academy on the 4700 block of E. Ponce de Leon Avenue.