CHOA therapy dogs honored at GA State Capitol

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A special group of dogs was honored at the Georgia State Capitol Thursday morning. 

The House of Representatives recognized therapy dogs from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) for their positive impact on patients. CHOA's "Canines for Kids" program has received national recognition. 

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"These canine assistants provide comfort to young patients by showing them how MRI machines work, hopping up in hospital beds without disturbing any medical equipment, helping children with rehab and so much more," Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp said on Facebook. 

Several of the program's dogs were in attendance for the special honor, and those dogs happen to be from Canine Assistants, which is the same non-profit organization FOX 5's puppy, Max, is from. 

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FOX 5 has partnered with Canine Assistants to help teach Max, a Golden Retriever, to become a service dog for a veteran in need.

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A small group of FOX 5 employees are serving as Max's fosters parents, and they're responsible for bringing him to work every day and helping teach him everything he needs to know about becoming a service dog.

You can watch Max every morning on Good Day Atlanta. 

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