Atlanta urgent care nurse helps unconscious woman on Delta flight

An Atlanta nurse is being praised for stepping up in a big way to help a stranger in need.

Rashon works as one of the nurses at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's urgent care.

The hospital says that 10 minutes into a Delta flight, one of the women on the airline slumped over and became unconscious in her seat.

Rashon was sitting a few rows ahead and quickly jumped into action.

She says all she could think at the moment was: "Not today, not under my watch. We are going to keep you alive."

For the next hour, Rashon and another passenger worked together to keep the woman stable until the plane could land and medics could take over.

Amazingly, the hospital says this was the second time in just 24 hours that the nurse and recent cancer survivor stepped in to help a stranger.

"This is why I keep my nursing license and part-time nursing role. I don't ever want to lose my skill set," she told the hospital.

Her acts of kindness were shared on social media and were praised by both Children's Healthcare and Delta Air Lines, which tweeted that the airline was "incredibly thankful for people like Rashon whose hearts shine no matter where they go."