Children's clothes stolen at laundromat, mom finds thief wearing them online

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A mother of five has to replenish a wardrobe after her children's clothes were taken from a laundromat in Detroit. 

"She just walked out as if it was hers," says Virginia Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says she is a regular at Clock's Laundry on W. Vernor Highway, and that she was there doing laundry at about 3:30 p.m. Monday. She left for 20 minutes to pick her kids up from school, then came back for the clothes in the dryer. 

"When I came back to pick them up after I picked up my daughter from school, they were gone," Rodriguez says.

She added it was a risk to leave her clothes unattended at the laundromat, but says just because she wasn't there is no excuse for someone to steal something that doesn't belong to them.

"I won't be doing that no more," she says.

Though, now she's hoping the person caught on tape taking her clothes learns a lesson as well. 

"Maybe she should go to jail and just serve some time and think about what she's doing," Rodriguez says.

After watching the security recording, she went to social media and made another discovery. The person allegedly responsible for stealing her clothes was now modeling them with pride. 

"She had my daughter's shirt on in the same day, like two hours later," Rodriguez says. "I was like wow, that is crazy. She has no shame to wear somebody else's clothes that she just stole."

She showed us photos, which you can see in the video player above. In a side-by-side photo comparison, the alleged thief can be seen on the left and her daughter is on the right in the swearshirt. A heart is covering her face. All of which is proof Rodriguez says, that that this was no accident. 

A police report has been filed and investigators are looking into the matter.