Woodstock woman accused of stabbing little brother guilty on all counts

Taeja Janae Williams (Credit: FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team)

A Woodstock woman who was accused of stabbing her little brother so severely that she punctured his lung was found guilty on all counts.

Taeja Janae Williams was arrested in 2023 when she was 20. She was charged with stabbing her brother in his left chest, abdomen and shoulder with a knife that she grabbed from her purse during an argument. He was 17 at the time.

Woodstock and Cherokee County officials provided lifesaving treatment for the teen who was rushed to the hospital with a punctured left lung. It resulted in a collapsed lung, a lacerated blood vessel in the lung and bruising and lacerations to the lung. After being stabilized, he underwent trauma repair.

Williams went to trial for four days. A Cherokee County jury heard from six witnesses from the State, including her brother, their mother, three law enforcement officers and the trauma surgeon, and one witness from the Defense, Williams.

The jury also saw the knife, other physical evidence and photos taken during the investigation.

The jury deliberated for about four hours before delivering the guilty verdict. 

Williams will be sentenced at a later date.