Chattahoochee River floods Roswell, several streets shut down

Heavy rains brought 2 to 3 feet of floodwater to Roswell neighborhoods, and the Roswell Fire Department responded to multiple downed trees and power lines as well as neighbors trapped in their homes by the rising waters. 

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On Saturday, crews stationed rescue gear in neighborhoods to prepare for when the flood waters rise even more.

"It's scary," said neighbor Keith Weinberg, who was making repairs on a Roswell home after flood waters crept into his client's basement. "That river has a lot of force, and you can't stop it."

Cars were left outside of neighborhoods, tables and benches heavy currents carried debris and mud into people's yards.

All across town, the Roswell Fire Department is shutting down streets and setting out extra gear for rescues as more rain is anticipated in the next couple days.

"By taking a preemptive strike and placing that equipment there, we are reducing the time it'll take to respond to an emergency," said Captain Pabel Troche of the Roswell Fire Department.

Firefighters warn drivers: there are hidden dangers lurking under the water that you'll never be able to see.

"Although someone may feel like their car can make it through, there is a current under that water that's extremely dangerous, not to mention the debris," said Troche.

Roswell Fire said they didn't have to make any rescues Saturday and no substantial damage was reported to any homes.