Charges not likely in shootout that killed teen near 'Stop the Violence' rally, police say

South Fulton police say they may not charge multiple people involved in a deadly shootout at an annual anti-violence rally in the city. 

The weekend Stop the Violence Rally at Welcome All Park went from a fun family gathering to a wild shootout that killed 18-year-old Malik Hambrick on April 24.

The shooting frustrated organizers and city leaders, upset that people would fire guns just a few yards from a community gathering with lots of children.

"As soon as I got finished speaking, I heard gunshots. I walked over and saw a young man in a pool of blood," said South Fulton City Councilwoman Helen Z. Willis.

On Monday, South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows revealed that the crime stemmed from an ongoing dispute with people who were not connected to the rally.

Meadows said the men involved in the shootout with Hambrick have been cooperative and will likely not be charged since the teenager fired the first shot.

"After having reviewed most of the witnesses statements, it appears that the decedent Mr. Hambrick discharged his weapon first, and as a result of that there was an exchange of gunfire between him and two individuals," he said.

It ultimately will be up to the Fulton County district attorney to decided if charges will be filed. 

Willis says she's going to introduce legislation that would forbid guns in city parks.

She also wants to expand the presence of park rangers and install security cameras at every park.