‘Celebrity Exorcism’ cast face their fears on Tubi original special

Would you enroll in a paranormal boot camp? It’s the premise behind "Celebrity Exorcism" — a two-hour special where stars embark on a creepy adventure through haunted locations.

In the special, celebrities Shar Jackson, Jodie Sweetin and Metta World Peace are given no information, except for their initial meeting location.

"I was like all in," Sweetin ("Full House," "Fuller House") told FOX Television Stations of going inside the haunted locations. "So yeah, I was definitely the enthusiast for sure."


CELEBRITY EXCORCISM: L-R: Jodi Sweetin, Metta World Peace and Shar Jackson in CELEBRITY EXCORCISM streaming Friday, Oct. 22 on TUBI.

The unknown is soon revealed in the special when Rachel Stavis, a celebrity exorcist, introduces herself and lays out the journey ahead. Each team member comes to the table with their own level of beliefs and reservations. 

"I was the wuss and I was the skeptic," former NBA legend World Peace laughed.

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Through visiting several haunted locations around Los Angeles, the team comes to terms with their own fears and finds the courage and openness to experience a world beyond our own. 

"It was definitely some very scary stuff going on," Jackson ("Moesha") said. 

"I did sense some being saying, ‘Why are you here? This is not a show, this is my home.’ It felt like at times they didn’t want us to be there," World Peace, 41, shared.

Ultimately, the show takes viewers on a ghostly adventure, facing terrifying encounters with realness and some much-needed humor as they investigate the paranormal. 

"There was one point in the house, where we were towards the end, that there was something there that did not like anyone being there for sure," Sweetin, 39, said of her experience. "As brave as I am and as much as I like to push boundaries, I’m not gonna lie, I ran screaming up those stairs in a complete panic, which was both hilarious and terrifying."

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But despite their crazy experience, the team agreed the show formed a forever bond. 

"I think they are going to see a great friendship and a great bond and a lot of fun in this," Sweetin continued.

Premieres Oct. 22 on Tubi. From FOX Alternative Entertainment, CELEBRITY EXORCISM is executive-produced by Bobby Sizemore ("Tori & Dean: Inn Love") and Robert Twilley ("Snapped"), and co-executive-produced by Narumi Inatsugu ("The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards").

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