Celebrating a socially distanced Christmas at Marietta Diner

Service never stops at Marietta Diner — not even on Christmas Day. In fact, owner Gus Tselios likes to say that there’s not even a lock on the door.

And even though things look a little different around the popular restaurant due to the ongoing pandemic, Tselios and his team say they’ll be serving up Christmas Day meals like they always do, feeding anyone who just can’t stomach the idea of cooking on the big day.

Marietta Diner has been a Metro Atlanta mainstay since 1995, and is part of the Marietta Family Restaurants group, which also includes Marietta Fish Market, Pasta Bella, Cherokee Cattle Company, and other popular eateries.  The diner is famous for its extensive menu, featuring everything from over-the-top omelets to decadent desserts, and has been featured several times on television programs (including Good Day Atlanta, of course).

Things have changed a little bit at Marietta Diner due to the coronavirus pandemic; during our last visit in May (you can watch it here), Gus Tselios gave us a tour of the restaurant’s new drive-thru and curbside pickup areas. The team also began encouraging customers to eat in their cars in the parking lot, and even brought out some live (socially distanced) musicians for them to enjoy.

Christmas is always a busy day at Marietta Diner, since the restaurant stays open and fully staffed — so how are things going to work this Christmas? We spent the morning with Gus Tselios and his crew to find out — and to do a little holiday snacking, of course! 

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