Fulton County jurors' cars target of break-ins

Car crooks hit nearly a dozen cars Wednesday in the middle of the day at a Fulton County staff and juror parking lot.

Many of the victims, potential Fulton County jurors, were stuck in the courthouse doing their civic duty.

"I've never had a problem at that lot," one victim told FOX 5.

The victims now have a shattered sense of security after their car windows were busted and thieves ransacked them.

"It's definitely an inconvenience, more so than that it's a real safety issue. it was just more than one car," one of the victims said.

Atlanta Police say at least 10 cars were hit Wednesday at the Fulton County off-site staff and juror parking lot on Central Avenue.

One of those prospective jurors did not want to be identified but said she was shocked to see her car was hit.

"You work hard and somebody is willing to take from you is kind of upsetting to me as a citizen," she said.


That prospective juror says nothing of value was taken from her, but she will be out a few hundred bucks to get the window fixed.

She hired Sully Dawood from Empire Auto Glass to do the repair.

"Everyday you're having, it's not one car, you're having 15 cars at a time," he said.

The constant calls while good for business, Dawood says he would like to see them stop.  

"You're in a city where you call home and you can't leave your car parked somewhere remotely without keeping your eye on it because you're bound to get broken into," Dawood said.

Fulton County says security guards monitor the parking lot, along with police, but thieves were still able to act in the middle of the day.

One of the victims is now calling for change.

"Whatever they can do to keep us safe as citizens and to protect our property because people really do not mind going down and doing jury duty, but you want your property to be protected and you want what you work hard for to be valued."

Fulton County says it is reviewing security measures after these car break-ins. Atlanta police say no arrests have been made.