Residents of senior living facility scared after numerous car break-ins

Thieves are preying on people living in a senior living apartment complex.

Residents at the Gateway Capitol View apartments in Atlanta say it does not matter where they park, what time they park, or even if they leave their car unlocked, there is always a fear of waking up knowing their car may have been broken into.

"I feel violated. Seniors should not have to live like this," said Elizabeth Dumas.

Dumas says her car has been broken into nine times.  She says after the 4th smashed window, she stopped locking her car.

"When I get out of the car, I make sure I don't leave anything in it and I leave the doors unlocked," said Dumas.

"I'm angry and I'm frustrated," said Debbie Carter.

Carter's car has been broken into three times. One time her steering column was smashed beyond repair.  

She started a petition and says almost everyone who lives at the complex has signed it.

"We are requesting for a gate to be put up or some type of fencing to keep strayers out," said Carter.

Several months ago, 26 residents had their cars broken into.

"I hate when I have to come out here and hug my folks who live here because someone just broke their car windows," said Atlanta Councilman Antonio Lewis.

Knowing that most people here are on fixed incomes, Councilman Lewis helped pay for some of the repairs. Since then, he has met with the police and says they have urged management to add a gate to the parking lot and hook their cameras up the APD's system.

"The police integration camera system, it's something the major at Zone 3 and I have requested they do. We have got to find a way to protect our seniors," said Councilman Lewis.

Councilman Lewis vows to keep pushing management to do more to protect the residents.

FOX 5 called the management company, but had not heard back from them as of late Tuesday evening.