Business owner says man damaged 3 businesses, tore down American flag

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A business owner said a man went on a rampage and damaged three businesses in downtown Marietta. The owner said the man even tore down her American flag.

Angel Waller owns Angels Burritos on the Square. Her security cameras caught a man punching and kicking the doors to her business and others. Marietta police said he damaged three separate businesses. A wooden panel on one of the storefronts is cracked.

WATCH: Man caught on camera vandalizing businesses, tearing down American flag

“This is pretty sturdy wood, so I’m sure his foot may have been hurting the next day,” said Waller.

At one point, the man is seen in the video picking up a patio chair and throwing it into the street.

“It could have been really bad, anyone driving by could have hit it, or someone walking by could have gotten hit by the chair,” said Waller.

Waller said what hurts the most is watching the man in the video reaching up and tearing down an American flag she had flying in front of her store. A friend found the flag on the ground and took it to the hair salon next door where he works and draped it over a chair so it could dry out and eventually be repaired.

Waller said she wants an explanation and an apology.

“An apology would be nice, just give me a reason why you did it,” said Waller.

Marietta police said in addition to Angels Burritos, a chiropractor’s office and a hair salon also had damage.

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