Burglary suspect says he was pressure-washing home and needed to climb through window

Deputies in Volusia County said a burglary suspect used a tall tale to try to evade an arrest near Ormond Beach.

Justin Aldrich, 41, was spotted near a home on Monday as deputies were responding to a home burglary alarm. As Aldrich was leaving the area in a vehicle, he was stopped by a deputy. 

Aldrich told the deputy that he had been hired to pressure-wash the home, and he had to slip inside the house, through a window -- something that is routine.  The deputy's response:  that is "not normal." 

"What were you doing around that house down there?" the deputy asked the man. "Neighbors called-in saying you're walking around that house and the alarm went off.  Why did the alarm go off?"

The driver claimed he had been hired to clean the home.

"Normally, we go through the window," he said.  

"I don't believe that. I've been doing this 22 years, and I've never heard this story before," the deputy explained.

Back at the home, owned by an elderly couple, deputies found a bathroom window that had been pried open. After a search of the suspect's car, deputies said they found what were believed to be missing items from the house, including jewelry and money.

Aldrich was arrested and charged with grand theft and burglary.