Burglars ambush house while kids home alone

Fulton County police commend three children, who acted fast during a frightening scenario some would call a parent’s worst nightmare: a crew of burglars breaking into their home, while the kids are home alone.

“I was real scared,” said the 12-year-old big brother, who will only be identified as Khamari. FOX 5 agreed to not show the children’s faces. The 10-year-old sisters, Kaitlyn and Kennedy, were also in the home when they said they heard someone trying to kick down a door.

The ordeal happened this past weekend at their home in a subdivision off South Fulton Parkway and Welcome All Road.

“I got real scared and started to cry,” Kaitlyn said.

Big brother Khamari, thinking quickly, told everyone to hide in an upstairs closet, and with their cell phones, Khamari called police.

“That’s something a brother does. I had to protect them,” he said. “They started panicking and crying. I told them to keep their voices down.”

His other sister called their mom, who was at the grocery.

“I was crying. I was hysterical. I was driving super-fast,” said mother Krystal Bush, who was terrified for her children and rushed home to find officers surrounding the home.

Fulton police said they quickly arrested three burglars, all of them underage.

“I’m super proud,” said Bush, who is glad her children acted quickly to protect themselves and help apprehend the burglary suspects.

“I felt like a hero,” Khamari said.