Burgers with Buck: Universal Joint

If you haven't been to Oakhurst in a while, why not?

In the heart of the thriving and historic Oakhurst Village is Universal Joint.  A family friendly restaurant and bar that is truly a joint, and that is a good thing.  The atmosphere is not only hip and cool, but laid back as well.  The menu is filled with options, but they had us at Burgers.

While there are plenty of options, it was the 'Old 1-2' that caught the attention of #BurgersWithBuck.  Take house made million island dressing, chopped lettuce and onion, and sliced tomato and put it on one side of the bun (it looks like a small salad).  Then take a 1/2 pound certified Angus chuck patty with a couple of slices of American cheese on top, and put it on the other side of the bun...and then you have the 'Old 1-2.

It is served open faced which can present a challenge for the less experienced burger lovers among us, as putting the two sides together could make for a messy situation.  The less experienced, in their haste to taste, will usually grab the top (the side with the "salad" on it), and place it on top of the bottom (the side with the meat and cheese on it). 

Now, while there is no right or wrong way to enjoy the "Old 1-2', this method will almost always result in a bit of a mess.  Worst case scenario...enjoying it with a knife and fork.

Now for the #BWB approved method for taking down the 'Old 1-2'. 

Are you ready for this? 

Do just the opposite.

Take the bottom of the burger and place it on the top of the burger which creates an upside down burger.  Then flip the entire sandwich and you are ready to enjoy it with minimal mess.  In fact, if you adhere to the method (and are somewhat daring) you can even enjoy it in a white shirt.

While you're there, go check out the memorabilia in the growing golf shrine.  If you're a fan of the game or of local history you will likely learn something.

For more information on Universal Joint including menu, locations, and their philosophy, go to their website http://www.ujointbar.com/.

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