Search continues for missing Brookhaven woman who went radio silent

Brookhaven police are continuing their search for a woman who hasn't been heard from since early Friday morning. An investigation has been opened into the disappearance of Aimee Lafakis.

Loved ones of 48-year-old Aimee Welch Lafakis told FOX 5 they have been looking for her and sharing flyers with her photos since Friday. That’s when they say they stopped hearing from her.

"There’s been no communication, that’s completely out of character for her," said Stephen Lafakis, her ex-husband.

Stephen said her last known location was her residence inside the MAA Glen apartment complex.

"When I was texting with her, about 2 a.m. Friday morning, she was home and in bed," he said. "That was kind of the last time anybody knew she was here."

He said her phone is now off.

Lafakis reportedly had dinner plans with her daughter Friday night. When her daughter called, she said she got no answer so she decided to show up to her mother's complex.

When she arrived, she saw her car, but no Aimee.

Soon after that, the Brookhaven police were called with concerns something may have happened to her.

"It’s not like her to not communicate with me every day, and her daughter and her close friends and things," Stephen told FOX 5. "So, the concern is maybe she’s hurt. Maybe she’s in a hospital somewhere."

Investigators spent several hours Saturday asking residents at the complex if they’d seen anything unusual. Loved ones said they were notified an arrest had been made related to her case Saturday morning, but Brookhaven police have not confirmed that detail.

Still, her family says they hope to have her home soon.

"We all have our concerns," Stephen said. "We love Aimee. She’s got a great heart, and she’s an incredible mom, and she is a great friend, and she was an amazing wife, and we love her and we just want her to come back safely."

Aimee is about 5-feet-5-inches tall and has a tattoo of a black heart outlined on her chest and a double heart tattoo on her right shoulder.

If you have any information give Brookhaven police a call.