Brawl breaks out at SC McDonald's over apple pies, woman arrested

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Arrested: Joslyn Steed

A woman has been arrested and charged after fighting another woman at a Chester, S.C. McDonald's over apple pies, according to Chester County Sheirff's Office.

Joslyn Cecile Steed,25, has been charged with assault and battery third degree.

Chester County Sheriff's Office was called out to the McDonald's on Wednesday.

When the officer arrived he spoke with the victim, Cassandra Alexander, 30, who told him she and Steed has been involved in an altercation, according to the police report.

Alexander told the officer she and Steed were arguing over pies when she told Steed to go home that she was going to cover her shift. When Steed refused to leave Alexander asked for the police to be called.

Alexander told Steed to leave, that the police had been called and Steed got in her face and told her that if she went to jail she would beat her, according to the police report.

Steed's brother is also an employee of the McDonald's and tried to get Steed to leave. The police report says Steed walked up to Alexander and hit her in the face knocking her glasses off.

The two women began to fight and it was broken up by other employees. Steed eventually left.

Alexander showed no signs of injury, according to police and provided a written statement.

Witness, Noah Smith said he was going through the drive-thru and heard arguing so he pulled around and went inside. Smith caught the altercation on video.