Body cam video from Peachtree City hostage standoff released

Peachtree City police have released a body camera video of a man arrested for kidnapping a child.

The Peachtree City Special Response Team was called to a home North Fairfield Drive after Dikim Bailey's girlfriend called the police.

She told police Bailey hit her, threatened to shoot her, kidnapped their 2-month-old baby, and then threatened to violently kill him.

“The text messages and the communications he was having with the female victim, were grotesquely specifically as to what he was planning to do to the 2-year-old child, what he was planning to do to himself. It was not just idle threats. It was, it made you sick to the stomach reading it,” said Lt. Keith Hyatt, Peachtree City Police Department.

Negotiators talked bailey into safely turning over the baby and surrendering.

He's now facing several charges including kidnapping and simple battery.