Berkeley bans gender-specific words from city code

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Berkeley City Council has voted to eliminate gender-specific words from its municipal code. 

Some of the changes include the word, "manhole" that will now be "maintenance hole." 

A bondsman will become a "bondsperson." And fireman officially becomes firefighter.

The list goes on with other examples, including craftsmen, which becomes artisans. 

Heirs is changed to beneficiaries. Manpower will now be "human effort" and pregnant woman is now pregnant employee.%INLINE% 

We found a mix of reactions to these changes. 

"If it makes the city happy I guess they can go ahead. They can change it to maintenance hole. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anybody," said Erin Davis of Berkley. 

But not everyone was on the same page. 

"No. Uh...I think it whoudl remain the same. Why change it?" said Athen Addison of Berkeley. 

The changes also include pronouns instead of he or she. The word "they" will be used. Supporters say the language tweaks make Berkeley more inclusive. 

City officials said the cost of the changes is $600.