Atlanta Water customers have limited time to set up payments for large water bills

The city of Atlanta has begun shutting off water taps of commercial customers who have fallen behind on payment.

Managers warn homeowners they will be next if they fail to meet with a finance clerk and set up a payment arrangement.

The Atlanta Water Department launched what it calls the FLOAT program. Residents have until the beginning of October to have their accounts reviewed.

Some ratepayers may have fallen way behind due to a leak. Atlanta has secured a grant fund that can be used to fix leaks at a property, even if that leak is not on the government side of the lot. 

One woman named Elisa told FOX 5 she visited a temporary Adams Park office and got on the program.

 "There don't have to be no shame," she said, "just come in and get it done."

 Slow payers can contact City Hall. There are other neighborhood locations planned over the next few weeks to facilitate customers who may not want to come down.