Meet Little Dariya Denise: Baby born to couple in the middle of Atlanta traffic

Everyone has a story about Atlanta traffic, but one couple might know more than most. That is because their baby was born in traffic along Interstate 75.

It was a typical busy Tuesday in November on the interstate. Loston and Deshai Fudd were in traffic.

"Literally, my water broke and a second later she was in my pants," Deshai said.

It all started when Deshai started noticing signs of labor.

"My husband had got off work early because I was having contractions. So, as soon as he got off work I was like, ‘Pack the car, let’s go to the hospital,'" she said.


Loston and Deshai Fudd

Loston and Deshai Fudd (FOX 5)

Soon after getting on I-75 north, things started progressing fast. The labor that is.

"We were on the highway for about ten minutes. It’s about a 20- to 25-minute drive and my water broke. I was like, ‘My water just broke’ and something exploded in my pants. And I was like, ‘Can you check and see what’s in my pants...’ He was like, ‘Is that the baby?’" she said.

Not knowing what else to do, Loston kept driving.

"Fifteen minutes on the GPS this is bad. Bad! Like put her back in you," Loston said.

Thankfully, a Georgia State Patrol trooper was passing by and Loston managed to flag him down.

"I was just like, ‘Alright man, I just need you to get me to the hospital. I have a baby in the passenger seat,’" Loston said.

The trooper escorted the couple through the traffic, helping them reach the hospital safely with their newborn baby girl. The hospital staff took it from there.

Little Dariya Denise

Little Dariya Denise (Family photo)

Little Dariya Denise was given the all clear, weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces and born in Atlanta traffic.

"I definitely agree with the Atlanta is packed comments now. I knew it was bad. It was just a bad time for it to be bad," Loston said.

Dariya is now just shy of two months old. 

Little Dariya Denise

Little Dariya Denise (Family photo)

This is mom's third baby, and she says neither of her previous births happened as quickly as this one. In fact, she was in labor for three days with one of them. So, this one definitely came as a surprise. 

She posted a video about the story on social media and the video has 8 million views.