Atlanta to require city workers to undergo LGBTQ+ training

Workers in the city of Atlanta will be required to attend training on the LGBTQ+ culture. That is the goal of legislation making its way through the city council.

Matt Westmoreland, a member who has signed on to the bill, said the measure includes outreach to employees who may fall under one of the classifications, as well as the public at large.

"It is consistent with what we always aspire to be -- a welcoming city," Westmoreland said.

The city police department is already requiring its staff to attend a law enforcement class tailored to LGBTQ+ concerns.

The adoption and compliance with the policies are monitored rigorously.

One aspect that can be problematic is an officer's encounter with a transgender individual.

If an officer is unsure whether the individual should be addressed as "him" or "her", that officer is supposed to ask at the beginning of a conversation.

Not to do so could be considered a slight, and the officer may face discipline. 

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