Atlanta radio personality Frank Ski remembers friend Michael Gidewon

A memorial has been growing for the co-owner of a popular Atlanta nightclub was shot and killed Saturday morning in front of his own establishment.

Michael Gidewon was found unresponsive around 7 a.m. outside the Republic Lounge located at 990 Brady Avenue NW near 11th Street NW. Atlanta police say he suffered from at least one gunshot wound.

"Mike was an incredible human being. He was so humble. He was so honest and pure. He never raised his voice," said popular Atlanta radio personality Frank Ski.

Ski spoke to FOX 5 from the KISS 104.1 studio about Gidewon. He says the 50-year-old Gidewon escaped with his brother from the East African country of Eritrea due to the violence.

The two would start a new life in Atlanta. Ski says they worked their way up from valets to nightclub owners to end up with ownership of some of the most renowned clubs in the city.

He says Gidewon and his brother Alex helped set up the nightclub circuit and system to pave the way for some of the biggest musical names in Atlanta.

"Their nightclubs will go down in history. Everything from Visions to Vanquish to Reign to Velvet Room," Ski said. "Jay-Z to Janet Jackson to, you know, Ludacris, came up through the system and Jermaine Dupri, Jeezy, T.I., and the list goes on and on and on and on."

Ski says Gidewon was gentle soul with everyone, celebrity or not. Like so many, he is at a loss as to why someone took the life of his long-time friend.

"We’re in the dark like everybody else. It was just so unexpected. It’s, I mean it’s Michael Gidewon, everybody loved him, so for this to happen is truly, truly unfortunate," Ski said.


Gidewon leaves behind his wife, Selam, and four children.

"To the family, they are so loved. They are so appreciated and from me and most everybody I know we are just here for you," Ski said.

Ski hopes justice will prevail.

So far, Atlanta police have not announced any suspects in the case. Cameras around the nightclub appear to be pointed right at the spot where Gidewon was found shot to death.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Atlanta Police Department.