Atlanta Police Make Arrests in Cold Case Murder

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Nearly 24 years after 11-year-old Jeremiah Anderson was shot and killed, Atlanta Police say they have the gunmen behind bars.

Friday, detectives arrested Raymond McDaniel and Roderick Clark, and charged them with murder. 

In November of 1991, Anderson was visiting friends in a neighborhood where he used to live, near Fulton County Stadium. The children were watching a group of teens gamble on Martin St, when a car pulled up and the two people inside began firing.

Police say McDaniel and Clark used an assault rifle and a handgun to fire into the group of people. Anderson was hit in the back trying to run away.

Atlanta Police say McDaniel and Clark were on their radar in 1991, but were never arrested and the case went cold.

Last year, Anderson's mother called APD Homicide and asked them to re-open the case. Crime Stoppers sent out an alert last October and tips began coming in. Those tips led to the arrests.

Police say McDaniel, who was 22 at the time of the murder, and Clark, who was 17, fired into the crowd to rob the young men who were gambling.