Atlanta police investigate string of Beltline car break-ins

Atlanta police are investigating after someone broke into several cars in a parking garage near the Beltline. Several items were reported missing.

“I felt like someone had been watching us,” Amber Khan-Robinson said.

It was a major setback for Amber Khan-Robinson and her family of entrepreneurs.

“My husband stayed here to watch the business while I took the children to get something to eat,” Khan-Robinson said.

Her three children created Mokipops five years ago which sells all-natural vegan popsicles. They frequently set up shop near the beltline.

The family always parks in a garage on Krog street near the beltline but Friday came with a new challenge.

“We had only been out here for 10 minutes. When we returned back to the van someone had smashed our window in and taken the bag with the computer in it,” Khan-Robinson said.

Atlanta police said at least four cars were damaged with several items taken.

“We felt so violated. We were looking around trying to find who did it. We started running through the parking deck because we thought we could hear them,” Khan-Robinson said.

A silver MacBook Pro with a sticker that says "Game Changer" was taken. 

“The computer is really that important to me. We have a lot of important files for our business on there that are irretrievable,” Khan-Robinson said.

The family has several big business projects in the works and the laptop contained years of files, videos, and documents that were gone in a matter of minutes.

“There’s not as much security presence as I would like to see. I think it’s a target for tourists in the area and people who are relaxing and chilling in the area,” Khan-Robinson said.

They might have taken the hardware from these business owners but they tell me they could never take away their drive.

“Right now the computer is out there in Atlanta and someone has our files,” Khan-Robinson said.

This family believes more than one person might be involved in this crime.

If you know anything that could help the business, click here.

The business has also set up a GoFundMe, to donate click here.

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