Atlanta Police arrest second suspect in June shooting

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Atlanta Police have arrested a second person in a frightening shooting from early June.

Brandon Welch was charged with aggravated assault this week.

Atlanta Police said around 10 p.m. on June 8, three men got into an argument in front of a store at the West End intersection of Evans and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. Two of the men went inside the store, then that's when investigators said the third guy pulled a gun and started firing random shots into the air.

One of the stray bullets hit 42-year-old Tobias Thomas in the back of the head. Thomas is the co-owner of Inkkwell Music Studios. Police said he lost control of his pickup truck and ran over another man. Oumar Dia was hit by Thomas' truck and hurt his leg. Paramedics rushed both Dia and Thomas, who had been shot, to Grady Memorial Hospital.

One of the West End businesses captured the crash on surveillance video.

Video from the incident shows a truck careening off the road and slamming into a pedestrian. Police said that driver was caught in the crossfire when Welch and Deon Cain started shooting at each other.

Police arrested Cain back in July.

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